Continuous Quality Improvement

Region V Systems has a Continuous Quality Improvement Department in an effort to ensure there is a team-driven process for each department and program to be monitored, evaluated, and enhanced on a continual basis. The outcomes Region V Systems strives for by incorporating a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) environment include:

  • Professional accountability and appropriate resource allocation throughout the organization.
  • Active participation by all staff with opportunities for problems that impact them directly.
  • Awareness and understanding among all staff of Region V Systems that quality is an essential element in service provisions and management.
  • The best possible outcomes for our consumers and customers.

In striving to achieve and sustain an environment which has open communication and problem solving within our System of Care, Region V Systems has an identified process for providers, consumers/customers, and staff members to initiate suggestions or provide feedback.  Issues that could arise, but are not limited to, may involve feedback on Region V’s operational processes (forms, policies, procedures, and resources) or Network Provider system.  To submit a suggestion or provide feedback, anyone can complete our CQI Concerns Request Form available here. The form outlines the process for addressing and resolving concerns/requests that have been submitted.

If you have any questions about Region V Systems’ Continuous Quality Improvement Department, please contact Erin Rourke at or 402-441-4387.

To view our published reports, please visit our Reports page.