System Coordination

Region V Systems provides overall system coordination in partnership with providers, consumers, community hospitals, local coalitions, housing providers, landlords, local schools, vocational/employment agencies, advocacy organizations, criminal justice, county services, the Department of Health and Human Services, probation, law enforcement, community youth-serving agencies, and other stakeholders.  Five areas of System Coordination are provided: Prevention System Coordination, Housing Coordination, Consumer Coordination, Emergency System Coordination, and Youth System Coordination.  System Coordination brings individuals/agencies together to plan, strategize, prioritize, reach solutions, and monitor to ensure services are accessible, available, and that duplication of efforts are minimized.




The FYI Program’s primary areas of focus are to:

  • Avert children from becoming state wards, preventing expensive out-of-home placements or involvement in emergency services;
  • Reduce juvenile crime or contact with adult criminal justice systems;
  • Increase school performance; and
  • Facilitate a seamless transition from the youth to the adult behavioral health system.

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Region V Systems Housing Programs provide safe, secure, affordable housing – together with supportive services – so that consumers can begin to work toward recovery.” Together with the State and local Continuums of Care for the Homeless, Region V works to house vulnerable adults who have mental health and substance abuse issues.

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The purpose of the Regional Prevention Center (RPC) is to prevent the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, for all ages, through forming and supporting local/county community coalitions which sustain a statewide prevention system.

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Region V Systems contracts with a network of behavioral health community providers that offer a broad array of services designed to assist adults reach their goal of recovery and to live, work, and be full participants in their communities.

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Region V Systems contracts with and coordinates a network of community providers which ensure integrated behavioral health services designed for youth. These contracted services focus on addressing behavioral health needs of youth and families with complex needs, resulting from a child’s serious emotional disturbance or substance use disorder.

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The purpose of the Consumer Family Advisory Committee is to promote the interests of behavioral health of consumers and their families. Coalition membersʼ efforts may include, but are not limited to, encouraging involvement in all aspects of governance, service design, planning, implementation, provision, education, evaluation, and research related to behavioral health issues.

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In its role as the Behavioral Health Authority, Region V Systems invests considerable resources in building partnerships with consumers, providers, and other stakeholders.

Region V Systems has established a number of business partnerships, some of which are co-located within Region V Systems’ office, who provide support, promote behavioral health services, and assist consumers and their families.

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Region V Systems had 12 active prevention coalitions during FY 23-24, serving 15 of Region V Systems’ 16-county service area.  All funded coalitions are utilizing data-driven/evidence-based programs and strategies.

Region V Systems also provides funding, technical assistance, and coordination to other coalitions.

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