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Region V Systems is committed to promoting partnerships through various initiatives, special projects, coalitions, and grants. These partnerships include providers, consumers, Department of Health and Human Services, and other stakeholders through evaluation, assessment, and implementation of programming.

Trauma Informed Care

 Trauma-Informed Care is a statewide initiative, to ensure all Network Providers delivering behavioral health services:
  • are informed about the effects of psychological trauma;
  • consistently screen for trauma symptoms and history of traumatic events;
  • provide ongoing assessment of trauma symptoms and problems related to trauma;
  • offer services that are recovery-oriented and trauma-sensitive; and
  • understand that re-traumatization may occur if safe, effective, and responsive services are not available for consumers.

Region V Systems facilitates a Trauma-Informed Workgroup comprised of consumers, Network Providers, Region V staff, and other community stakeholders. This workgroup is responsible for planning, developing, marketing, implementing, and evaluating strategies to increase awareness and promote/support a trauma-informed service delivery system which reduces the harmful effects of trauma and violence on individuals, families, and communities. In FY 14-15 the Trauma-Informed Workgroup sponsored trauma training for law enforcement personnel and other interested parties, coordinated a trauma track at the Statewide Behavioral Health Conference, “Success, Hopes and Dreams,” supported EMDR training for Region V Network Providers and provided mini-grants to support trauma initiatives at individual provider agencies.

For more information about the Trauma-Informed Workgroup, please contact Amanda Tyerman-Harper at