• Alexis Moyer
    Alexis Moyer Outreach Worker
  • Amanda Tyerman-Harper
    Amanda Tyerman-Harper Director of Network Services
  • Andra Buckley
    Andra Buckley Team Leader II
  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Professional Partner
  • Annie Glenn
    Annie Glenn Professional Partner Supervisor
  • Brett Berger
    Brett Berger Outreach Worker
  • Brogan Vahle
    Brogan Vahle Outreach Worker
  • C.J. Johnson
    C.J. Johnson Regional Administrator
  • Cherie Teague
    Cherie Teague Professional Partner
  • Connie Vissering
    Connie Vissering Crisis Counselor
  • Cory Mattly
    Cory Mattly Outreach Worker
  • Danielle DeVries
    Danielle DeVries HUD Housing Coordinator
  • Deanna Gregg
    Deanna Gregg Operations Manager
  • Donna Dekker
    Donna Dekker Administrative Assistant
  • Eden Houska
    Eden Houska Professional Partner
  • Emily Wesley
    Emily Wesley Outreach Worker
  • Erin Rourke
    Erin Rourke CQI Analyst
  • Gretchen Mills
    Gretchen Mills Administrative Assistant
  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown Outreach Worker
  • Jade Fowler
    Jade Fowler RAP Housing Specialist
  • Jennifer Igo
    Jennifer Igo Outreach Worker
  • Jessica Zimmerman
    Jessica Zimmerman FYI Service Coordination Specialist
  • Jill Davis-Haussler
    Jill Davis-Haussler Fiscal Associate II
  • Jill Hilkemann
    Jill Hilkemann Outreach Worker
  • Joe Pastuszak
    Joe Pastuszak CQI Network Specialist
  • John Danforth
    John Danforth Clinical Assessment Specialist
  • Jon Kruse
    Jon Kruse Technology Systems Manager
  • Katiana MacNaughton
    Katiana MacNaughton Professional Partner
  • Kayla Leintz
    Kayla Leintz Prevention Associate
  • Kelly DuBray
    Kelly DuBray RPH Housing Specialist
  • Kerri Peterson
    Kerri Peterson Project Director
  • Kim Michael
    Kim Michael Director of Operations & Human Resources
  • Kimberly Whaley
    Kimberly Whaley Housing Coordination Specialist
  • Krista Koch
    Krista Koch Host Home Specialist
  • Kristin Nelson
    Kristin Nelson Director of Emergency Services
  • Laila Khoudeida
    Laila Khoudeida Professional Partner
  • Linda Pope
    Linda Pope Fiscal Specialist
  • Lisa Moser
    Lisa Moser Professional Partner
  • Lori Lueckenhoff
    Lori Lueckenhoff Outreach Worker
  • Luisa Del Castillo
    Luisa Del Castillo Administrative Assistant
  • MaKayla Muthersbaugh
    MaKayla Muthersbaugh Outreach Worker
  • Malcom Miles
    Malcom Miles Professional Partner Supervisor
  • Maricela Galdamez
    Maricela Galdamez Outreach Worker
  • Marti Rabe
    Marti Rabe Network Specialist
  • Munira Husovic
    Munira Husovic Professional Partner
  • Pat Franks
    Pat Franks Fiscal Associate I
  • Patrick Kreifels
    Patrick Kreifels CQI Director
  • Renee Dozier
    Renee Dozier Director of Children & Family Behavioral Health Services
  • Robin Denniston
    Robin Denniston Professional Partner
  • Sandy Morrissey
    Sandy Morrissey Prevention Director
  • Scott Spencer
    Scott Spencer Fiscal Specialist
  • Sharon Dalrymple
    Sharon Dalrymple Team Leader I
  • Shelly Noerrlinger
    Shelly Noerrlinger Referral & Resource Coordinator
  • Sue Brooks
    Sue Brooks Lincoln Permanent Housing Specialist
  • Susan Lybarger
    Susan Lybarger Administrative Assistant
  • Tami DeShon
    Tami DeShon Fiscal Director
  • Teri Effle
    Teri Effle Prevention Specialist
  • Theresa Henning
    Theresa Henning Director of Special Projects
  • Trina Janis
    Trina Janis Professional Partner