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Region V Consumer/Family Behavioral Health Conference, Moving Towards Recovery, is to benefit individuals and families who have experienced, or are at risk for mental illness, substance use related issues, and co-occurring disorders.

Target audience:

  • Individuals who experience mental illness, substance use, and/or co-occurring disorders
  • Family members are also encouraged to participate
  • Peer Support Specialists

The Call for presentations, scholarship application, and Save the Date flyer can all be found by visiting our Workshops and Classes page.

The Consumer/Family Advisory Committee is proud to announce the upcoming WRAP® for Life” workshops being offered at the VA & The Orchard. WRAP is a self-determined plan, widely used all over the world both as a preventive strategy and as a way to address all kinds of mental health, physical health, and life issues.  These workshops include Wellness Recovery Action Plans designed to address specific issues such as smoking cessation, weight gain or loss, aging, or diabetes. WRAP for Life teaches you how to adapt WRAP for any issues you wish to address.

Topics include:

  • WRAP for Diabetes Management (Lincoln VA Hospital)
  • WRAP for Issues Related to Aging (Lincoln VA Hospital)
  • WRAP for Becoming  Non-Smoker (The Orchard)
  • WRAP for Weight Loss (The Orchard)

For more information, please visit the Workshops and Classes page!

Membership recruitment:  The CFAC is seeking applications from individuals who are interested in helping to improve the quality of life for consumers and family members affected by mental illness, substance use disorders, or other addictive disorders.  We are interested in filling vacancies with those who have lived experience as a consumer or a family member of a behavioral health services consumer. Find out more!

 Vision Statement

The Vision of the Consumer/Family Advisory Committee (CFAC) is for a Behavioral Health System in Region V in which Consumers, Family, Organizations and Communities work together in partnership to promote recovery and ensure positive change to reduce stigma, support independent choices, and to treat consumers with both dignity and respect.


The mission of the CFAC is helping to improve the quality of life for consumers and family members affected by mental illness, substance abuse, or problem gambling.


The purpose of the CFAC is to promote the interests of behavioral health of consumers and their families. CFAC membersʼ efforts may include, but are not limited to, encouraging involvement in all aspects of governance, service design, planning, implementation, provision, education, evaluation, and research related to behavioral health issues.

In 2004, Nebraska’s State Legislature adopted LB 1083, the Nebraska Behavioral Health Services Act, which identified the following purposes:

  • Ensure services are consumer focused;
  • Create services that emphasize beneficial outcomes based on recovery principles; and
  • Ensure consumer involvement in all aspects of service planning and delivery.

In 2007, a consumer specialist position was funded for each Region. In Region V, the consumer specialist developed and coordinates a “Consumer/Family Advisory Committee;” it is through these activities that Region V Systems ensures reform is consumer led. Recovery principles are also adopted at all levels of the system.

Consumer involvement coordination works to:

  • Increase consumer and family involvement;
  • Support the interests and development of consumers;
  • Provide new opportunities for consumers to learn leadership skills
  • Gain experience in developing partnerships.