The Regional Quality Improvement Team (RQIT) establishes network accountability for continuous quality improvement by using data to plan, identify, analyze, implement, and report ongoing improvements and celebrates progress, change, and success. RQIT oversees data participation, reporting, quality, and analysis, and provides recommendations or reports to Region V Systems and Network Providers. RQIT also interfaces with the Statewide Quality Improvement Team (SQIT) and the Division of Behavioral Health (DBH). Through Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) coordination, Region V Systems ensures:

  • Services are appropriate to each consumer’s needs and are accessible;
  • Consumers and families participate in all processes of the CQI program, and their views and perspectives are valued;
  • Services provided incorporate best practice, evidence-based practice, and effective practices; and
  • Services are of high quality and provided in the most cost-effective manner.