Grievances, Complaints, and Appeals Procedures 

Region V Systems maintains a Corporate Compliance Program to address incidences of waste, fraud, abuse, and other questionable activities and practices as well as to address formal complaints from employees, persons served, Network Providers, and the community at large. This means that any person/entity has the right to file a complaint without fear of being harassed, fired or disciplined from an employer, retaliated against, or removed from services, or funding consequences as a result from action or behaviors by coworkers, peers, management, or Region V Systems’ governance authority.

Grievances should be handled on an informal basis if possible. Persons who are dissatisfied with a decision or action should first attempt to work out the issue with the parties directly involved. This includes reporting the concern to a supervisor if employee related. If the grieving party does not know who to start the informal conversation with, he/she can call Region V Systems’ Corporate Compliance Officer (402-441-4343) for assistance in whom to contact.

If a resolution to the concern cannot be agreed upon at an informal level, the person grieving the situation should continue with the steps as listed below (View the full procedures in English or Spanish).

  1. Download the “Complaint Report.” (English) (Spanish)
  2. Complete the “Complaint Report” as instructed.
  3. The “Complaint Report” may be submitted via mail, e-mail, or fax to:

Kim Michael, Corporate Compliance Officer
Region V Systems
1645 “N” Street
Lincoln, NE  68508
Confidential Fax: 402-261-0252