Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (BHAC)

The RGB appoints a Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (BHAC), comprised of 15-20 members, responsible for advising the Board on behavioral health issues and funding allocations. Consideration for membership is given to geographic location, direct and indirect consumers, cultural diversification, and the community at large.

Operating Documents

BHAC Roles and Responsibilities
BHAC By-Laws
BHAC Meeting Schedule FY 19-20

BHAC Application

Region V Systems is seeking applications from individuals who are interested in adult or children’s behavioral health services and wish to serve on BHAC. We are interested in filling vacancies with persons who possess education, training, competencies, and/or personal life experience in behavioral health. If you are interested in serving on the BHAC, please complete and return the membership application and background check forms. Final selection of applicants to serve on the BHAC is determined by RGB. If you should have questions, please contact Amanda Tyerman-Harper at 402-441-4354 or

Nomination for BHAC Membership Protocol
Membership Application (fillable) or
Membership Application (Word)
OneSource Applicant Disclosure and Authorization Form

Current Membership:

Gene Cotter (Vice Chair)
Stephanie Knight (Chair)
Greg Janak (RGB Rep.)
Darla Winslow (Member at Large)
Christine Cooney
Irene Duncan
Karen Helmberger
Corrine Jarecke
J. Rock Johnson
Corrie Kielty
Jill Kuzelka
Rebecca Meinders
Lucinda Mesteth
Barbara Murphy
Laura Osborne
Tracy Pella
Richard Pethoud
C. J. Zimmer